A Proven and Comprehensive Approach to Mental Health Services

The Arroyos® is a multidisciplinary group of psychologists and psychiatrists who provide comprehensive mental health services across a wide spectrum of treatment settings. We work in office, hospital, residential treatment, sober and transitional living, and intensive outpatient settings and we are able to provide seamless integrated and continuous care across these treatment settings. The Arroyos® Psychological Associates is located in Pasadena, California. We also provide mental health services in a satellite office on the west side of Los Angeles, California.

We specialize in providing concierge care to each and every patient in our practice. Concierge care involves individualized treatment tailored to each patient’s specific needs. Each patient is assessed at the beginning of treatment and a specific treatment plan is developed by the patient’s primary doctor. This treatment plan is then implemented to optimize the quality of the patient’s treatment while in our care.

Our doctors provide a broad range of services and treatments, as described in more detail on this website. We offer a wide variety of types of psychotherapy. Our psychiatrists offer expert psychiatric medication management and medical management of co-occurring medical conditions. Our doctors also provide specialized skills such as expert differential diagnosis, psychological clinical psychopharmacology, psychological testing and assessment, neuropsychology, forensic psychology (psychology and the law), anger management, and bariatric screening evaluations. Our hospital skills include emergency psychiatric evaluations, involuntary holds (5150), inpatient case management and psychological treatment, and inpatient chemical dependency detoxification.

We treat patients with a full spectrum of psychological and psychiatric concerns. Many of our patients are high functioning individuals such as business professionals, entertainment industry professionals, physicians, and attorneys, homemakers, and students. Many other patients are suffering from severe emotional and mental disorders that require intensive psychological and psychiatric management. We provide individual, couples, and family therapy to adults and adolescents. Our doctors are also specialists in treating dual diagnosis patients, which are patients with one or more psychiatric diagnoses and a co-occurring chemical dependency disorder. With these patients we provide psychiatric hospital services, inpatient and outpatient chemical dependency services including drug detox. We also provide inpatient psychological management of medical conditions.