Clinical Services

Assessment and Neurocognitive Services

All Arroyos psychologists are trained to perform psychological testing, and some of our psychologists provide extensive psychological testing batteries. Psychological testing is used to clarify the patient’s diagnosis, better understand his or her psychological functioning, identify areas of strength and weakness, and formulate plans for treatment.

Neuropsychological Testing additionally assesses intellectual and cognitive functioning, academic achievement, and assists in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological and brain disorders. Cognitive Retraining is a form of psychotherapy designed to improve areas of impaired neurocognitive functioning identified through neuropsychological testing.

Other assessments offered by our psychologists include Career Testing, which assists patients in seeking jobs, college coursework, and leisure activities, and administration of the Structured Clinical Interview for the DSM-IV-TR (SCID), which is the gold standard for making a comprehensive, formal psychiatric diagnosis. The SCID is administered in complex cases where there are multiple diagnoses or there is a need for diagnostic clarity beyond what is possible through normal interviewing and psychological testing methods.

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