Most assessment services are provided in our offices, although Arroyos psychologists do provide some assessment services in hospital, forensic settings, residential treatment settings, and intensive outpatient settings.

Psychological Testing assesses the patient’s present functioning and involves the useof several tests to measure an individual’s mental characteristics, such as personality style and coping skills, and behavioral characteristics such as personal strengths and weaknesses. Psychological testing also uses diagnostic tests to assist in determining the patient’s psychiatric and psychological disorders and symptoms such as anxiety and depression. Additionally, psychological testing is helpful to the doctors who are providing care in the formulation of a treatment plan.

Neuropsychological Testing assesses the patient’s present functioning and uses various tests in order to provide information about brain structures and pathways.  Neuropsychological testing assesses intellectual and neurocognitive capacities, and typically includes intelligence, academic achievement, and cognitive abilities and functioning. Neuropsychological testing also assists in the diagnosis of many neuropsychiatric, neurological, neurocognitive, and head injury disorders.

Career Testing involves the use of tests to determine the patient’s interests and personality characteristics in order to assist the patient in identifying optimal college majors, employment settings, and volunteer or recreational activities. Career testing is most helpful in guiding the individual into areas of compatibility which serves as a foundation to explore specific careers and leisure activities.

The Structured Clinical Interview for the DSM-V (SCID) is a formalized, structured interview lasting one to three hours in which the doctor systematically interviews the patient in order to generate a precise psychiatric and psychological diagnosis. At times interviews with additional people and review of clinical records may also be included to assist in making the final diagnosis. The SCID is most commonly used in situations with patients who have many different diagnoses, or where the patient’s diagnosis is unclear and confusing.

Bariatric Screening Evaluation is a form of brief psychological assessment to determine if a patient is psychologically appropriate to undergo bariatric surgery for weight loss. Bariatric Screening Evaluations are typically done in conjunction with a Bariatric Surgeon at the time a bariatric surgery is being scheduled.

Forensic Evaluation is conducted by a Forensic Psychologist who has specialized training in the interface between psychology and the law. The Arroyos has psychologists who can conduct Forensic Evaluations to address a variety of psycholegal questions. Our Forensic Psychologists work closely with your attorney to provide you or your loved one with psychological consultations, reports, and testimony that thoroughly addresses your legal concerns.