Chemical Dependency and Behavioral Addiction

The Arroyos psychologists provide therapy for drug and alcohol abuse in our offices. This treatment can be provided in combination with treatment for other conditions such as depression or bipolar disorder, or treatment for substance abuse can be the primary focus of therapy. Some of our psychologists are also experts in the treatment of behavioral addictions such as sexual addictions. When a patient comes to therapy with severe drug or alcohol addiction problems, we coordinate our care with a medical evaluation by an internal medicine physician to treat any medical conditions that are a complication of the substance abuse. We also have the patient see our psychiatrist to determine if anti-craving medications or other psychiatric medications may be of assistance in assisting the patient through his or her difficulties.

In some circumstances, a patient who comes to our office may require treatment in our Group Therapy Service, which might involve attending one or two groups, or which might include our Intensive Outpatient Group program. In other circumstances, the patient may be better treated by living in a structured living situation such as our Transitional Living facility or by being hospitalized. The Arroyos clinician will make this determination during the initial assessment and as treatment progresses.

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Did you know? A series of mental health insights from The Arroyos.
Understanding comorbidity

Comorbidity is the presence of two or more clinically distinct disorders occurring in the same patient. The example below shows two commonly co-occurring disorders: depression and anxiety. Often, two co-occurring disorders are more frequent than a comprising disorder alone.


Source: This example was taken from a Swedish study for the purpose of illustrating the concept of comorbidity only and does not represent a U.S. population.