Clinical Services

Introduction to Clinical Services

As a multidisciplinary treatment team, The Arroyos offers an extraordinarily wide range of integrated psychological, psychiatric, and medical services. Services are provided in our office, the hospital, and are coordinated with sober/transitional living residences, residential treatment centers and intensive outpatient programs. Many Services are offered across these treatment settings to provide seamless continuity of care without changing doctors. Other Services are offered in a single setting. Not all doctors provide all services, and most doctors have specialized services. The Services we provide are described here.

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Did you know? A series of mental health insights from The Arroyos.
Understanding comorbidity

Comorbidity is the presence of two or more clinically distinct disorders occurring in the same patient. The example below shows two commonly co-occurring disorders: depression and anxiety. Often, two co-occurring disorders are more frequent than a comprising disorder alone.


Source: This example was taken from a Swedish study for the purpose of illustrating the concept of comorbidity only and does not represent a U.S. population.