Clinical Services

Psycholegal Services

Psycholegal Services, also referred to as Forensic Services, involve the interface between psychology and the law. Some Arroyos psychologists are Forensic Psychologists and one of our psychologists is a Board Certified Forensic Psychologist. Psycholegal Services include psycholegal evaluations in the office or in criminal justice or hospital settings, courtroom testifying or consultation, and consultations with attorneys. Psycholegal services are offered for criminal and civil legal matters.

Psycholegal Services also include Alternative Sentencing, which involves the determination that a patient’s mental illness was centrally involved in the commission of a crime for which he or she is charged. Where indicated and if appropriate, the Arroyos psychologist works with the patient, patient’s family, criminal defense attorney, district attorney, and judge in attempt to recommend treatment rather than incarceration. Typically two or more of our doctors work as a team in order to successfully implement an Alternative Sentence.