The Arroyos Park Vista is a transitional living facility located in beautiful Pasadena, California. Park Vista is specifically designed for residents who are recovering from a primary psychiatric or psychological condition such as an anxiety disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, or related conditions. While residents may or may not also be recovering from a co-occurring substance use disorder, Park Vista is not an environment for residents who are recovering from a substance use disorder in the absence of a co-occurring psychiatric or psychological condition.

Our mission is to provide a secure, structured, and comfortable environment from which we can assist and inspire our residents to progress to independent living at their own pace. We encourage our residents to develop new, healthier lifestyles, acquire and maintain more adaptive living skills in a setting of shared responsibility, and gradually take on more autonomy as they learn to make decisions that lead to successful outcomes in their personal lives. We help our residents create, design, and implement their own paths to wellness. Residents may stay as long as they like; there is no set limit as to the maximum length of stay.