A: Some of the psychologists at The Arroyos provide hospital care as a specialty of their practice. When a psychologist practices at a hospital, he or she can admit a patient to the hospital for psychological care, in conjunction with a physician of the psychologist’s choice, who simultaneously admits the patient for simultaneous medical care.

The Arroyos psychologists practice at Huntington Memorial Hospital and BHC Alhambra Hospital, both in the greater Pasadena area. The patient may be admitted to either hospital depending on the availability of a bed, the specific problems the patient has, and which hospital the psychologist has privileges to practice at.

Patients or their loved ones typically contact The Arroyos when symptoms are severe enough that they cannot be managed at a lower level of care. Examples of such problems may be highly disorganized behavior or inability to function at home or at work or the need for a medical detox from drugs or alcohol.

Patients may also be in an emergency situation because of acute impulses to hurt oneself or others or an inability to provide for one’s own food, clothing, or shelter. In these circumstances, the patient may require placement on a 5150 (involuntary hold). Some of The Arroyos psychologists are able to place patients on 5150 holds in our offices if necessary. When we place a patient on a 5150 hold, we are required to transport them via ambulance to the Emergency Room at Huntington Memorial Hospital for further evaluation.

The Arroyos psychologists may also be contacted by patients and their families when the patient is suffering from a severe medical condition such as cardiac disease, a neurological condition, upcoming surgery, kidney or liver disease, or cancer. If the patient is having significant psychological complications such as depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder, the psychologist can admit the patient to Huntington Memorial Hospital with a physician specialist who will treat the medical condition while our psychologist manages the patient’s psychological issues.