A: The Arroyos provide a comprehensive multidisciplinary clinical practice at our outpatient offices in Pasadena, California, and more limited mental health services at our satellite office in west Los Angeles.

Our treatment team offers an extraordinarily wide range of integrated psychological, psychiatric, and medical services, treatments and therapies. Doctors at The Arroyos are trained to treat virtually every psychiatric and psychological condition. For a detailed list and descriptions of the conditions we treat, follow this link: Conditions We Treat.

The Arroyos also provides a comprehensive and wide range of therapies and related services. Most psychotherapy is provided in our offices, although our doctors do provide some psychotherapy in hospital, residential treatment settings, and intensive outpatient settings. For a detailed list and descriptions of the therapies and related services that we offer, follow these links: Psychotherapy, Psychiatric Care, and Assessments.

(Specific diagnoses published on this site are excerpted from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Fifth Edition, (DSM-5), and the descriptions we include are condensed from the DSM-5.)