A: Companion Services consists of one-to-one personal attention, support, and structure by individual staff for patients who need assistance managing their current level of functioning. The Arroyos provides four different types of Companion Services: Personal Companions, Life Coaches, Travel Companions, and Personalized Living Companions.

Companion Services are recommended in a variety of different circumstances. A Personal Companion may be helpful when a patient has difficulty going out in public alone, managing certain independent living skills such as shopping or banking, or may be at risk of wandering or becoming emotionally unstable. A Life Coach may be helpful when a patient is wanting to actively develop more independent living skills in an area such as learning to use public transportation, or how to order meals in a restaurant, or how to interact with others in a natural social situation. A Travel Companion may be helpful when the patient needs to travel to another city, state, or country and is unable to make the trip independently. A Personalized Living Companion may be helpful when a patient requires around the clock monitoring, observation, and support in a private setting such as an apartment or hotel room.