A: The Arroyos psychologists provide voluntary and involuntary admission to both hospitals. Our psychologists can also offer Emergency Room evaluations and assessments at Huntington Memorial Hospital.

At Huntington Memorial Hospital, in addition to Emergency Room services we can treat our patients in a full suite of adult inpatient units including acute locked psychiatric care, general adult psychiatric care, and geropsychiatric inpatient care for elderly patients. We can also provide chemical dependency detox in the chemical dependency unit. We can arrange for patients with severe mood disorders to receive Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) at the hospital and manage the patient’s psychological condition while undergoing this treatment. We can also provide simultaneous psychological care when patients are receiving inpatient medical care anywhere in the hospital.

At BHC Alhambra hospital, our psychologist also can treat our patients in a full suite of adult inpatient and chemical dependency detox units similar to those provided at Huntington Memorial Hospital. Additionally, we can provide treatment in the adult Eating Disorders inpatient unit. At BHC Alhambra, The Arroyos psychologists can treat patients on the inpatient adolescent unit and we can arrange for our patients to be treated in the child inpatient unit.

If you are interested in admitting to a hospital with us, it is very important to start by contacting us first at 877-884-8272, Ext. 101, rather than contacting the hospital. It is important that we guide the admissions process from beginning to end as this can be a complex and at times confusing time. Once the patient is admitted to the hospital, we will coordinate care with his or her family and outpatient care professionals assuming the patient gives us permission to do so.

Discharge planning begins at admission to the hospital. Our psychologists actively coordinate discharge planning and work closely with the family and typically discharge our patients into our own programs unless it is appropriate to place the patient into another community or region of the country.